Rory is the new Tiger

Many people know the video game Tiger Woods PGA tour video game.  This game is no longer what it is called.  EA made the choice to replace Tiger Woods with Rory Mcilroy in the golfing video.  On the cover is now Rory and the name is his.  The generation of golf is changing.  With Rory being the number one golfer in the world, the torch has been passed.

Tiger Woods Hurt Again

With Tiger Woods playing in another tournament looking to get back to his old ways he once again withdrew himself from the tournament this weekend.  He was on the 11th hole.  Being two over and not having much of a chance to win some people are saying that his back was not actually hurt it was just him being a “baby”.  From my point of view it looked like he was in some serious pain.  My dad has back problems and he looked exactly what my dad looks like when he picks the ball out of the hole when he is in pain.  Hopefully we will see him recover and become the old Tiger.  Someone needs to give Rory Mcilory competition for the number one sport in the world.